Kvietimas į WDSF teisėjų kongresą

Šių metų rugsėjo 23 d. Čekijoje, Brno, vyks WDSF teisėjų kongresas. Dalinamės informacija ir kviečiame norinčiuosius dalyvauti REGISTRUOTIS!

Title: WDSF Standard and Latin Adjudicators’ Congress

Mode of Congress: In Person only

Date: 23 September 2024

Address of Congress: OREA Congress Hotel, Krizkovskeho 47 (Brno, Czech Republic)

Time Table:

09:00 – Registration

09:25 – Opening Introduction 

09:30 – Lecture topics to be announced soon

18:13 – End of Congress


  1. To provide regular training for WDSF Licensed Standard and Latin Adjudicators
  2. To provide Examinations as required for application of  WDSF Adjudicators B/A License which include English Comprehension, GKT

Prerequisite: New applicants to refer to WDSF Competition rules


  1.  All WDSF A, B and C Licensed Adjudicators for Standard and Latin Dance
  2. Approved WDSF Adjudicators B and C license applicants
  3. Observers

Course Fee: One day course – CHF100.00

Nearest Airport: Brno International Airport (BRQ)

Contact Person: Martin Odstricil
Email: martin@dancesprotpro.cz

Additional Info:

  1. Adjudicators are encouraged to participate in this congress which will also qualify for a 2 years extended validity of the Adjudicator’s license.
  2. Only candidates for the WDSF Adjudicator’s license who have completed the entire online WDSF Adjudicator application before the closing date are permitted to register to this congress.
  3. For observers at a WDSF congress, the registration can only be done by the WDSF NMB. The NMB can pay for the observer online or delegate the payment to the observer.

Closing Dates:

  • New Candidates’ applications (to be submitted by National Federation) no later than 14 Sept 2024, 23:59 GMT
  • Congress registration and payment shall close on 18 Sep 2024 23:59 GMT
  • All payment must be made online, no registration or entry is allowed on the day of the course and no late registration will be accepted

We have separated the registration for exams from the congress:
For those that wish to attend the congress kindly register here.
For those that wish to take a test or retest kindly register here .

Please note that the WDSF Academy will not run any online congress as we need to return to our usual education system.

Registration method: Participants can register here. To register, the participant needs to know their user name and password. In the event that they have forgotten any of them, they can recover or reset them here.
As National Administrator you can register your officials here.

Shawn Tay
Chair, WDSF Academy
Nenad Jeftic
WDSF Vice-President for Sports