On 18/May/2024 in Garliava.

OPEN Darželis St+Lat - OPEN 1A. Solo I E2(2017 and younger) St+Lat - OPEN 1B. Solo II E2(2016 and older) St+Lat - OPEN 2A. Solo III E3(2016 and younger) St+Lat - OPEN 2B. Solo IV E3(2015 and older) St+Lat - OPEN 3. Juvenile I+II E4 St+Lat - OPEN 4A. Beginners I E2(2017 and younger) I level St+Lat - OPEN 4B. Beginners II E2(2016 and older) I level St+Lat - OPEN 5A. Solo latino I (2013 and younger)Beginners Latin - OPEN 5B. Solo latino II (2012 and older)Beginners Latin - OPEN 6. Juvenile I+II E6 St+Lat - OPEN 7. Junior I D Latin - OPEN 8. Junior II D Standard - OPEN 9A. Beginners III E3 (2015 and younger) II level St+Lat - OPEN 9B. Beginners III E3 (2014 and older) II level St+Lat - OPEN 10A. Solo latino E3+D Juvenile I+II Latin - OPEN 10B. Solo latino E3 Junior I+II Latin - OPEN 11. Junior I+II E4 4-Dance - OPEN 12. Junior I D Standard - OPEN 13. Junior II D Latin - OPEN 14. Youth+Adult C+B Standard - OPEN 15A. Beginners V E4 III level St+Lat - OPEN 15B. Solo V E4 St+Lat - OPEN 16A. Solo latino Junior I+II D+C Latin - OPEN 16B. Solo latino Youth+ Adult D+C Latin - OPEN 17. Junior I E6 6-Dance - OPEN 19. Youth+Adult D Latin - OPEN 20. Youth+Adult C+B Latin - OPEN 21. Junior II E6 6-Dance - OPEN 22. Junior II C+B Latin - OPEN 23. Youth+Adult D Standard - OPEN 24A. Caribean (2006 and younger) Caribbean - OPEN 24B. Caribean (2005 and older) Caribbean - OPEN 25. Youth+Adult OPEN Latin -  

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